Three Immortals and Nine Turtle Gourd

High quality brass | Crafty casting | Home decoration | Gift giving



New Chinese style

Main Material



No assembly required


The product is shot in real time to restore the real beauty. The pictures are all real shots. Due to different monitors, we have tried our best to present the most authentic products, which are dignified, elegant, and real.
Finely crafted, showing the beauty of bronze sculpture. Precision copper casting, high temperature coloring, smooth lines, clear texture, every place is carefully polished, only to create high-quality copper.
Home placement, paired with different environments. Exquisite workmanship, dignified and generous, suitable for setting up living rooms, hallways, study rooms, courtyards, and other scenes. It can also be given as gifts, good gifts, and blessings.

Nine Turtle Gourd Yellow Height 21cm, Nine Turtle Gourd Red Height 21cm, Glossy Gourd Height 7cm, Glossy Gourd Height 10cm, Lucky Gourd Height 15cm, Lucky Gourd Height 20cm, Lucky Gourd Height 22cm, Lucky Gourd Height 25cm, Lucky Gourd Height 30cm


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