natural Peach wood pendant

This is a Hand Carved Auspicious Pendant in Natural Peach Wood with Fine Carving.



New Chinese style

Main Material

Peach Wood


No assembly required


Natural peach wood, craftsmanship, we only use real peach wood.
The meaning is beautiful, the exclusive character of the twelve zodiac signs.

Chinese Zodiac Rat Avalokitesvara, Chinese Zodiac Ox Native Void Bodhisattva, Chinese Zodiac Tiger Ākāśagarbha, Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Manjushri Bodhisattva, Chinese Zodiac Dragon Samantabhadra, Chinese Zodiac Snake Samantabhadra Bodhisattva, Chinese Zodiac Horse Mahasthamaprapta, Chinese Zodiac Goat Tathagata, Chinese Zodiac Monkey Tathagata, Chinese Zodiac Rooster Fudo Myo, Chinese Zodiac Dog Amitabha, Chinese Zodiac Pig Amitabha


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