Natural Gradient Bodhi Bracelets, Selection of Natural Bodhi Roots

Natural smooth white, warm as jade, handmade dry grinding




Main Material

Bodhi Seed


Dusty Oak, Espresso Black


No assembly required


Upon receiving it, you can play with the tray, use your hands to play, wrap your fingers around the string, and use various gameplay methods such as Eight Character Rao.
Pay attention to washing your hands before playing with the beads. It can be left for two days after a few days, which will make it easier to play with the beads Moisturize.
Bodhi seeds must not be soaked in water, because Bodhi seeds are seeds that will inevitably expand after being soaked in water And it can cause cracking, peeling, and damage to the beads (it can be wiped dry in a timely manner after slight water contact)
Bodhisattva should not be exposed to sunlight for too long. Temperature fusion and long-term exposure to natural environments can cause Bodhisattva Cracks or detachment may appear on the surface when lifted.
The best nourishment is the oil in the human body. Bodhi seeds themselves are plant seeds, and our palms secrete oil substances. Therefore, if you want to make Bodhi seeds paste, you can often touch them with your hands, which will become more and more shiny.

Floating Flower Single Circle, Strange Purple Grape, Small Green Orange, Tipsy Wild Berries, Green Bead Gradient, Drifting Flowers Misty Rain, Small Green Lime, Soft-boiled Eggs, Small Greenwheat, Sicilian Medo, Orange Soda, Oil Painting Warm Sun, Milk Green Sand Ice, Beautiful Woman, Taro Purple Sand Ice, White Jade


11mm, 12mm, 13mm


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