Nepal Rudraksha Bodhi, Nepal Buddha Bracelet,Buddha of the Chinese Zodiac

Premium Nepalese Rudraksha Bodhi
The texture is well-proportioned and the muscles and bones are clear
Its shape resembles dragon scales, with few broken teeth, oily, plump and moist



Ethnic Style

Main Material

Rudraksha Bodhi


Constellation / Zodiac

Rudraksha Bodhi (Mm)


nepal beads (mm)


Birth Buddha (mm)



No assembly required


The carving is clear, meticulous, and not easy to fade.
Nepalese beads are handmade by craftsmen, which are simple and beautiful.
Rudraksha Bodhi has thick flesh, good leather, high oil content, and a good effect on playing with the paste.
Layered selection of Rudraksha Bodhi seeds, meticulously chosen, creates an irresistible and satisfying tactile experience. Prolonged engagement reveals even more noticeable effects.

Chinese Zodiac Ox&Tiger – Void Tibetan Bodhisattva [Silver Accessories-Rotatable], Chinese Zodiac Rabbit – Manjusri [Silver Accessories – Rotatable], Chinese Zodiac Rat – Avalokitesvara [Silver Accessories – Rotatable], Chinese Zodiac Dragon&Snake – Puxian Bodhisattva [Silver Accessories – Rotatable], Chinese Zodiac Horse – Mashizhizhi Bodhisattva [Silver Accessories-Rotatable], Chinese Zodiac Goat&Monkey-Dari Tathagata [Silver Accessories-Rotatable], Chinese Zodiac Rooster – Fudo Myo [Silver Accessories-Rotatable], Chinese Zodiac Dog&Pig – Amitabha [Silver Accessories – Rotatable]


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