Natural LiangShan South Red Agate Bracelet

South Red Agate is one of the most nourishing gemstones: Traditional Chinese medicine studies have shown that it can not only promote moderate heat, nourish the heart and lungs, aid in sound and throat, nourish hair, nourish the five organs, soothe the soul, dredge blood vessels, and brighten the ears and eyes, but also promote blood circulation and human metabolism, making the skin smooth.



Modern Chinese Style


No assembly required


The texture is warm and moist, as red as a ripe persimmon. Integrating red and delicate elements, it is introverted and composed, dignified and elegant.
Cracking is one of the unique characteristics of South Red Agate, so even slightly larger raw materials are difficult to avoid cracking. This product has few cracks and dark lines, and the overall appearance is very good.
The black lines, also known as black veins, in the formation of South Red Agate are naturally associated minerals, so the less the better. This South Red Agate has a uniform overall color and a pure appearance.
In terms of texture, the Southern Red Agate has a gelatinous and jade like texture, and even if it is all red beads, it is not opaque. It can be seen that the color is transparent from the inside out.
This South Red Agate has a warm and moist texture, blended patterns, clear veins, and a delicate red glutinous texture, with a natural and mellow texture.
We have many years of processing experience and a group of teachers with craftsmanship spirit. Crafty carving and meticulous craftsmanship. It can ensure the precision and smoothness of each bead.

10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm


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