Natural Blood Wine Red Mountain Turtle Bracelet Men's Barrel Beads Mountain Turtle Blood Armor Plate Playing Buddha Beads Bracelet

Selected natural turtle shells, sourced from classical craftsmanship



Ethnic Style

Main Material

Mountain Turtle Shell


No assembly required


Handmade, natural translucent, novel personality, national characteristics.
The color is natural, without artificial staining, and it is primitive, simple, and thick.
Tiger, length: about 9.5cm, width: about 4cm, height: about 5.3cm, weight: about 0.375kg
Carefully polished, exquisitely crafted, and carefully selected.
Genuine goods at a fair price, keep them for your own collection, and give them treasures as gifts.
After receiving it, do not immediately open the sealed packaging bag. It should be stored for a few days to adapt to the local climate, especially in dry and cold seasons, and the time should be appropriately extended to prevent cracking.
When taking out the baby plate to play, do not touch water and chemical corrosive liquids, pay attention to temperature differences, do not suddenly cool and expose to the sun, and do not scrape and collide with hard metal objects. Usually apply olive oil or walnut oil for maintenance, and store without sealing for a long time.
The oil and sweat of the human body are the best maintenance fluids for beads. Generally, the pulp is coated in about a month. It is expensive to persist, and the beads will become more stable and shiny after two or three years.

about 14mm, about 16mm, about 18mm, about 20mm


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