Lucky and Treasure Shajin Maitreya Buddha Car Ornament

Crafted with craftsmanship and meticulous craftsmanship | Beautiful meaning, safe journey | Beautiful texture, unobstructed view



Modern Chinese Style

Main Material

Sand Gold+Resin

Appearance Design



No assembly required


Length: about 14cm, width: about 9.5cm, height: about 9.5cm.
Remove the odor in the car, the purification experts around you, and the perfume accessories in the car.
Handmade, with a full shape and beautiful curves.
Hand crafted and meticulously carved, with clear and distinct textures.
Transparent base, mirror access safety base, stable and non sliding.
Transferring the treasure, with a beautiful meaning, brings both blessings and wealth, and accompanies you to make a safe and prosperous journey.

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